What is Ulzzang Fashion

what is Ulzzang fashion

This is a Korean fashion trend which means the best face. There are many fashion trends that are basically originated from Korea it is one of them. If you have been reading my blogs you may be already knowing that I love Korean drama.So what is Ulzzang fashion exactly?

How to get Ulzzang look?

Korean fashion is very different from western fashion. You can achieve the look by following these 5 steps given below. Ulzzang fashion means a flawless face should be the center of attraction in your look by keeping the clothes minimal.

1.Follow oversized trend

I have a written a post on it a few days back on this trend check it here oversized-trend.

what is Ulzzang fashion

Oversized dress

Link to buy: monroll – Floral Print Mini Dress

2.Feminine dresses

It includes Bright color dresses, skirts, and jackets.

chuu – Pencil Mini Skirt

Seoul Fashion – Round-Neck Long-Sleeve Knit Top

CLICK – Faux-Pearl Beaded Stripe Top

3.Minimal jewelry

Wear small jewelry with little details.

what is Ulzzang fashion

Detailed Earring

Karantu – Floral Swing 925 Sterling Silver Earrings

4.Wear pastel color clothes

Pastel color is nothing but soft, soothing, dreamy and neutral colors.

5.Flawless skin

Get that no makeup look/poreless skin by using bb cream. Using a lip tint on lips like you just sucked a colored lollipop by applying it on the lower lip and a little bit on the upper lip. Don’t use the lip tint like a lipstick coloring full lips.

what is Ulzzang fashion

Innisfree Flower Tint Balm

Link to buy: Innisfree flower tint balm

what is Ulzzang fashion

Missha -BB Cream

Link to buy: Missha – M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 PA+++ (#23) 50ml

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