A simple guide to wearing Red

simple guide to wearing red

I have seen many bloggers wearing only basic colors like black, white and gray. I mean where is the fun in that….right? I wear color all the time. You are never too old for any color.┬áThis is a simple guide to wearing red.

Do you know our subconscious mind tells us to wear specific color according to our state of mind? When you want people to listen to you or want attention the subconscious mind tells us to wear red. Just a fun fact! I am not really sure whether this theory works or not, just felt like sharing it with you all. This color is so overpowering that it can take any outfit to the next level.

How can one red piece elevate your look?

Here are some tips and tricks on styling with red without looking a hot mess. A simple trick is to think of it as a statement piece when you are putting together outfits, make it stand out. Use your imagination girls.

Red lipstick

Not just any red lipstick, find that one shade of red that suits your skin color. I have mentioned it so many times that a red lipstick can elevate a simple outfit.


Prints like leopard and stripes look so chic and stylish with red. For example, a red blazer always looks good with stripe top. A leopard print accessory with a red outfit… simply Dope!

simple guide to wearing red

With stripes and leopard prints

Red shoes

Red shoes is another sexy thing you can add to your shoe collection which can lift any basic color outfit. They look good with both blue and black jeans( with white tee).

Colors guide to wearing red

Red looks good with pink, different shades of red, blue, black, and earthy colors like camel & mustard yellow.

Don’t hesitate to wear bold colors, some people say only young people should wear red. It’s all bullsh*t. My mom’s favorite color is red and she doesn’t give a damn about this stupid logic. Don’t ever stop wearing something because somebody told you that this color does not look good on you.

A few years back one of my aunts told me blue doesn’t look good on you don’t buy anything in blue. I bought a blue saree and got tons of compliments. If you like a color just wear the damn color.






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