Type of style: How to dress romantic

How to dress romantic

Every feminine girl’s favorite style type is romantic. If you are following my blogs you may already know that this is the second blog on the type of style mini-series. In this post, I will tell you the rules on how to dress romantic. If you are a romantic person like me then this is the post for you.

Do you remember those romantic movies in which the heroine dress for that spacial occasion? And everyone in the room including the hero stares at the heroine, in that jaw-dropping dress. That’s how it should look like when you dress romantic. ­čśë This style is purely dreamy and feminine.

Signature romantic style includes these elements:

  • Lace details
  • Ruffles
  • Frills
  • Pastel color
  • White lacy dresses
  • Floral prints
  • Basically, anything that’s cute and pretty


Romantic Outfit

If I have to give a definition of it then I would say anything that is easy in the eye. Light color flowy dresses or tops are good examples of a romantic outfit.

How to dress romantic

River Island Bardot Lace Flute Sleeve Dress

River Island dress


How to dress romantic

Asos Dess

ASOS Lace Midi Dress

How to dress romantic

SHEIN Pleated Ruffle Sleeve Dolphin Hem Top

Shein top

Here is a blog post on how to shop from ASOS: Stay home shop international 


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