How to choose the perfect pair of jeans

Jeans is a very common staple in every women’s closet around the globe. You can have one or two jeans, you can make 10 or even more outfits with different tops. So jeans are considered as an investment piece. “How to choose the perfect pair of jeans ?” the task may seem simple but very tricky to do. I have done many mistakes i choosing the perfect pair of jeans. And later banged my head against the wall for doing stupid mistakes. Not very long ago I was guilty of doing the same mistake again. The struggle for finding the perfect pair of jeans is real guys.

Don’t overlook these things while you are buying jeans?

I will try to cover everything in detail as much as I can. So let’s get started.

  • Shagging/droopy butt – If the jeans hang below your butt then its large in size. It will look like you are wearing a diaper.
  • Cameltoe effect: If jeans are too tight it will create a camel toe effect around your crotch area because it’s digging into your skin.
  • Cameltoe effect

  • Muffin top effect/bulge above your waistline: If its too tight and you have fat around your waist it will bulge out above the waistband and that is not flattering.
  • How to choose the perfect pair of jeans

    Muffin top

  • Pockets: if pockets are too big then it will make your butt look smaller and vice versa. It should be on your butt chics not below the line where your butt ends.
  • If you bend and your innerwear or butt cr*ck is visible then you are probably wearing a wrong size.
  • Different brands or sometimes same brands size can vary from one jeans to another this is the mistake I have done on my last purchase.
  •  If you want perfect fit skinny jeans you should not shop online.
  • Don’t buy jeans on other people’s opinion only you can know whether it fits or not.

How to choose the perfect pair of jeans?

Trust me I have done many mistakes and learned the hard way. It’s a long list but worth trying.

  • The first thing you need to check is whether the jeans fit in your hip and waist area.
  • Always always always buy Jeans that have a stretch of a lycra material that feels good to the skin. Avoid stiff materials, jeans should feel good and hugs your body perfectly.
  • Generally, dark wash jeans look polished and flattering. And it should end just at your ankle.
  • If your pockets are on your butt chics (not below it), it gives a more flattering look. If you have small frame then small pockets look good if curvy frame then big pockets look good. The opposite is not flattering.
  • Your waistband should not have too much gap from your body but should have enough gap to eat wearing them, then its a perfect pair of jeans.
  • When you bend, if the crotch area falls out it’s big in size. If its creating lines then too tight. It should fall flat on that area.
  • Sit wearing the jeans in the changing room and check if it’s not doing down your waist or not digging into the skin then its perfect. If it’s little tight then it’s ok because its stretchy material is going to lose with time.
  • Check how it fits around your thighs. You need to be able to pull the jeans a little bit. Because you need space there to walk.
  • The back yoke should be along the top of your booty. The yoke is the V-shaped stitching line between waistband and pockets.
  • How to choose the perfect pair of jeans

    What is Yoke?

  • Whiskering or the fading lines give a good dimension to jeans.
  • Still, if you don’t find the perfect fit jeans you can always take it to a tailor.


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