Old trend with a new twist: Corset Belt

corset belt

The corset was invented in the 20th century to reduce the waistline like a shape wear. Fashion trends always come back around. Like every other trend, Corset trend is back but with a twist. The corset belt is like a underbust corset or should I call a pseudo corset.

This can be your best friend if you love to layer clothes. I have mentioned about the layering of clothes in many of my old posts. I will leave a link below if you want to check.

Lookbook: Art of Layering clothes and jewelry for this summer


How to wear a corset belt?

So with what kind of clothes you can wear it? The answer is …wait for it… with everything. You can pair it with a dress. You can also wear it with a combination of top+jeans+corse-belt or skirt+top +corset-belt.

Corset belt

Hollywood celebs are rocking this trend

These corset belts have lace to adjust it according to your shape so don’t worry you can breathe. ;-)This extra layer will elevate your outfit.

corset belt

Asos belt

Link to buy: Asos leather belt

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KOOVS 2 In 1 Corset Belt Dress

Koovs belt

Buy this here: KOOVS 2 In 1 Corset Belt Dress

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