How websites fool you with pretty images

How websites fool you with pretty images

I am not an expert but I have a great eye for good quality and stylish things. I can differentiate which one will look good on you and which one will not. So how websites fool you with pretty images? Let me tell you an incident I just remembered. One of my classmates showed me a saree online and said: “Look how pretty this saree is, I want to buy it for the farewell party”. When I looked at it on the Laptop screen it was a picture of Anushka Sharma pic wearing a black saree maybe it was a Sabyasachi saree. I told her do you think you can get a saree like that in that price tag.

So moral of the story don’t buy products with celebrity outfit pics from some event on it. They will send a very cheap crapy version of it. I have done mistakes for being too impatient to get refunds, for delivery time, sometimes too lazy to return. I am sure many of you can relate your online shopping stories.

I have been researching on high-quality fashion a lot lately so now I have a clear idea and my online shopping skills have improved a lot. You can do it too. Don’t waste your money buying crapy things.

Quality comes first

There is a famous  quote it says: “Learn to invest in the best quality you can afford and wear pieces in different ways.” – Michael Kors

Websites spend lots of money on photoshoots and stylists to make products look saleable. With lighting, styling, makeup, and accessories they will make it look saleable, this is how websites fool you with pretty images. So think before you buy, zoom it to see the material. Check model height, the size chart… you know the drill I have mentioned it in other blog posts.

In the past, I used to get satisfied with color and design of a product and ignored the material. But I realized when you are in a hurry you always look for that comfortable piece of clothing. Shop for materials that feel good to the skin. Look for the material described in the specification of the product.

What is the difference between high-quality designer clothes and non-designer clothes?

Designers put their imaginations to design drawings. Then high-quality materials used to make the garments. Highly qualified craftsmen bring these designs to life( Some pieces are handmade products so embroideries or any detailed designs are made by hand, not machine). You will not find stitching defects, lining defects, or material defects in them. So they have a big fat price tag on it.

Non-designer clothes are made in a factory in a lot. So make your decisions wisely You can’t get a Sabyasachi saree in 1500 rupees.

Note: Save your money and invest in a good quality material not necessarily designer but pieces you can afford.


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