Type of style: How to Dress Casual Chic & More

This is going to be the last style type of this series. I have enjoyed a lot writing this series and I hope you must have enjoyed reading it as well. I am going to wrap up this series with Casual chic and one more style type. First I will cover How to dress casual chic then Corporate hottie.

 Casual chic

We all have those days when we are too lazy to dress up but want to look comfortable and stylish. And some people just love wearing casual here are some tips for them. These tips will jazz up your simple casual outfit and make you look chic and put together.

  • This year white sneaker is breaking the internet and I think it is going to be on trend for longer than a year. There are so many options out there in every brand. If you will ask me which one you should consider buying, Adidas Originals sneakers are the best in the market.
  • Layering is the best way you can transform a simple outfit.
  • Wear a killer sunglass- You can wear a boring piece of cloth and put on a sunglass, you will look anything but boring.
  • Accessorise your outfit with statement pieces, for example, a good handbag.
  • I have mentioned it like a zillionth time that heels and red lipstick can lift up any look. I know it is not a comfortable option but you can try kitten heels or block heels which are comfortable.
  • No matter what you wear if its fitting is good you will definitely look chic. There is nothing more flattering than Well-fitted structured clothes.
  • Don’t forget to scroll the Pinterest board for casual chic given below and take some inspiration.

Corporate hottie

Corporate outfits completely depend on your office culture But you can still make it stylish. I have created one board for this as well don’t forget to check. I think high waist trousers and High waist pencil skirts are really sexy, it will take your look to the next level.

I am leaving the links to other style type blogs, Don’t forget to check other blogs of this series.

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