Fashion mistakes often overlooked

In the name of fashion people often tends to do silly mistakes. You think you are wearing a trendy outfit but actually, you are making fashion disaster. I don’t want to sound mean to anyone but these are very silly Fashion mistakes often overlooked.

All kind of trends wearing at once

When you are watching all these amazing new trends, we want to try them all. That doesn’t mean you should try them all at once. A particular trend should be in focus in your outfit. Try to balance other pieces of your outfit with the trendy piece. Try not to overshadow your trendy piece with other trendy pieces.

Wrong Underwear

  • Just like a well-fitted dress can elevate a look, a well-fitted underwear gives a proper shape to your body. It places your assets right where it should be.
  • Right kind of underwear for the right dress, for example, for off-the-shoulder top or dress wear a strapless bra. I know some of you who have big busts need straps but off-the-shoulder dress are suppose to show shoulder. Transparent straps are not the solution they look cheap. There are many good quality bras available on the market with good support try them. If you are wearing backless wear Nipple Covers or silicone adhesive bra.
  • Don’t wear bras or panties who’s lines will be visible through your clothes.

Shoes of the wrong size

Shoe size can vary from brand to band. I have done mistakes of buying wrong size shoes in the past. Comfort comes first girls if it’s not comfortable don’t buy it.

Uncomfortable clothing

If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing then it’s not worth it. No matter how beautiful it looks it’s not worth it. Dress for yourself not to please other. One of my classmates asked me “Are you dressing up to impress someone?” my answer was “I am doing it for myself. I love dressing up.” Learn to love yourself first.

Too much skin

Too much skin is not sexy. You should always know how to balance an outfit. If you are wearing a crop top wear a high waisted bottom. Use your imagination, show a little skin and hide other parts of your body.

To much accessories

Balancing accessories is important. Wearing too many big statement jewelry at once is a big no unless you are getting married. Read my blog on how to choose jewelry for an outfit?

Too much makeup

Don’t follow those youtube videos try finding your own ways to do makeup. I have tried those ways and failed miserably.

  • Wearing bold eyeshadow keep your lip color nude.
  • Wearing bright color lipstick then wear nude color eyeshadow.

Note: Balance is the mantra! Follow the golden rule “Less is more”.

If you know any other silly Fashion mistakes often overlooked then leave them in the comment below. I would love to read them.


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