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Difference between mom jeans, girlfriend jeans, and boyfriend jeans

Confused about different types of jeans? They look quite similar….. isn’t it? So what’s the difference between mom jeans, girlfriend jeans, and boyfriend jeans? I used to think different brands just gave different names to these baggy fit jeans. Silly me! 😀 But there is a little difference between these jeans. The difference is in it’s fit. Mom fit Jeans These jeans are…

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All about outerwear

Back to basics : All about outerwear

Winter is coming so what topic can be better than outerwear. I strongly believe that you can look stylish without showing skin, even when you have 3 layers of clothes on. This post is all about outerwear. Winter is the best season for layering clothes. You can create different looks by layering basic outfits. The easiest way to master layering…

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