Type of styles: How to look Boho chic

boho chic

Have you ever wonder why some outfits look good on some people but not on you. Every person has a different personality and they like to dress that way, to suit their personality. There are times we like to dress in a certain kind of way, depending on our mood we sometimes dress sexy sometimes comfy. This is a mini-series on the type of styles. There are the different type of style, am going to cover them in next few weeks. This week it’s about Boho chic.

Bohemian Style:

Basically, boho chic is inspired by the bohemian style. Bohemian means a person who is free spirited, interested in music and art. Boho chic look is nothing but giving an unconventional touch to the modern outfit.

Signature boho chic style includes these elements:

  • lace dress
  • Embroidery on clothes
  • Shoes or accessories in Brown, tanned, Earthy tone colors
  • Handmade or silver jewelry
  • Floral prints

As you can guess this look is best for a beach holiday. Don’t confuse this look with the hippy look boho-chic style is classier than hippy style. 😀 Don’t forget to scroll the board I have created for this post.



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